What we do...

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
A Typical Session


Our sessions are carefully planned to consider all aspects of a child's personal, social and physical development and to give as varied and fun a range of activities as possible.

A typical session looks like:

Arrival - children self-register and free choice of activities (see below)

Circle time - greet and sing (including day of the week, weather, news)

Indoor/outdoor child initiated and adult led play - children are given a free choice of activities consisting of individually planned activities and/or focussed activities in small groups with key workers. Some of our favourites include:

  • small world play (dinosaurs, wild animals, Playmobile, fairy garden)

  • Role play areas/home corner

  • Mark making and sensory activities (sand/water play, playdough, light box activities)

  • Arts, crafts, painting, cutting, gluing, colouring etc

  • outdoor mud kitchen and mini-beast hunting

  • sharing books, singing songs, musical instruments and learning rhymes

  • jigsaws and games

  • constructions toys

  • bikes and trikes

  • letter sounds, colours, shapes and numbers

Snack time - children bring their own water bottle and snack for each session. We occasionally provide snacks linked to a theme or to encourage self-help skills (buttering toast, noodles for Chinese New Year, making a simple fruit salad).

Song or story time

The Pre-school staff plan termly themes of interest and learning, which include topics such as plants, animals, seasons,

celebrations and occupations, the local environment and the wider world around us. Activities are planned around the theme.

The children are free to select which activities they wish to engage in.

The Keyworker System

Jack & Jill Pre-school operates a keyworker system. Every child will have one adult who is his or her keyworker. Each keyworker will have special responsibility for about 6 children and the keyworker will discuss their key child’s progress with his or her parents/carers. The keyworker will ensure that the needs of each child are recognised and cared for within the group’s overall curriculum framework. This is done by observing the skills of the children at play, keeping simple records of their progress and, in consultation with parents, developing play plans to develop

their skills and interests.

Jack & Jill Pre-school. Registered charity number: 1000658