Explorers Sessions


(Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 1pm – 3.30pm)

These sessions, for the older children, offer a smaller group size where more specific attention can be given to these children’s individual skills and needs.


For example, the themes will be extended to provide more challenging activities, such as scientific exploration, as well as developing numeracy and language skills to the level of those children. Creative work will reflect the children’s skills and interests. Visits to local schools and other places of interest will be arranged.


Please talk to the supervisor to discuss the precise term your child will begin the Explorers group, with regard to their readiness and availability. If your child has a summer birthday, it is unlikely that he/she will be eligible for the Explorer’s group. However, if you decide to defer your 4 year old from starting school until the January term, because you feel he/she is not ready for the move, your child could attend the Explorer’s group, and benefit from being one of the oldest in the group.


Should you choose to defer the start of school for your child, then he/she will be eligible to attend, grant funded, all the sessions at preschool that are open in the September term, (usually 3 full days and 2 half days).


You are welcome to browse through a collection of experiences of starting school, written by some past Jack and Jill parents,which is available at preschool.