Admission Policy


Jack & Jill Pre-school is open to every family in the local and surrounding community. Every attempt will be made

to accommodate families new to the area. Admissions are operated according to the date of birth of the child as follows:

* 3 years old by the end of September start Pre-school in the September term.

* 3 years old by the end of January start Pre-school in theJanuary term.

* 3 years old by the end of April start Pre-school in the Easterterm.


However children with September, January or April birthdays will not be eligable for grant funding for their first two terms.

We can also offer mid-term intake if spaces are available. In the event of there being insufficient places to accomodate

all those on the waiting list, priority will be given to families as follows:

1 Children who have or have had siblings at Jack and Jill

2 Date of enrolment

3 Address, priority being given to children living in Chinnor

4 Date of birth

The Supervisor holds a stock of Application Forms for parents to complete, the details of which are transferred to our database. Parents are advised of their child’s start date about six weeks beforehand.

Jack & Jill Pre-school. Registered charity number: 1000658