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Parent Comments 2020_2021


Every summer we send a questionnaire to parents to seek their views on what we do well and how we could improve. 

This forms an important part of our self-evaluation and informs our development plan for the following year.

When we asked parents what they liked about Jack and Jill or what we did well, their responses were:


"I like the fact you're outside with the children a lot and teach them about the world, our planet, and topical events.  Which is brilliant."

"The small, homely environment and lots of staff to spend 1:1 time with the children."

"I love the friendliness of the adults. Even my youngest daughter is happy to go and pick her brother up to see his teachers (her words). I also really have to praise them all as since R has started, Covid happened so I wasn't able to go in for visits. But he was so happy. They've done amazing during these challenging times making sure the children never missed out, even when at home: still being able to talk to them, sending work/activities home for the children to do."

"Varied activities, lots of outdoor play, enthusiastic staff, great photos/themes on Facebook group, tailored approach to furthering each child, harnessing a happy environment."

"J&J is just magical.  I can't explain it any other way.  It feels so natural and warm, yet the children are learning all the time.  Thank you!" 

"Family, friendly setting - extension of home for the children. Learning based on child's capability and interests. Eylog updates on child's activity makes you feel connected.

Thank you to all staff at Jack and Jill, every one of you have nurtured, taught and encouraged S so much during her time with you! She has embraced pre-school because of how enjoyable you've all made it for her and I'm so grateful to you for this. Your support during the lockdowns was amazing also and helped keep some routine and education. Thank you all for your kindness, enjoy your summer! See you all in a year or so when M starts with you.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for making L feel so comfortable and welcome during her time at Jack & Jill. With 7 months of lockdown then moving to a completely new area and preschool, you made the transition for L an enjoyable one. Thanks for helping her grow and making learning fun.

On behalf of R and myself I would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of the staff! R was only at jack and jills for just under a year and with lockdown on and off she didn’t spend much time there BUT she has come on leaps and bounds and has made some lovely friends I can’t wait for her little sister to start in January!

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