The Building and Management


Our present purpose-built building was opened in June 1992, as a result of much hard work and
fund-raising over many years by the pre-school and local community. Our small grounds have safe and secure play areas which we use daily, and also a small garden area where children can play and grow flowers and vegetables. In 2018 we installed artificial grass in our back garden area which means children can play safely all year-round. 

We are proud of our building and grounds and also of our superb view and we encourage all of our children to care for and respect the environment, both inside and outside the building. The Pre-school belongs to the families who use it and they are the members of the Jack & Jill Pre-school Association, as well as the Early Years Alliance, our umbrella organisation.

The Pre-school is run by a management committee of parents and associates who are elected at the Annual General Meeting in the Autumn term. Committee meetings are attended by committee and staff and are open to all parents.  The income obtained for Pre-school sessions primarily cover staff wages, the upkeep of the building, heating, insurances and affiliations and the day-to-day running costs.

The committee organise fund-raising events throughout the year to raise money for equipment, special events and special projects.

There are five trustees (appointed by the management committee), whose role is to ensure the building is protected and maintained in good repair.

Jack & Jill Pre-school. Registered charity number: 1000658